Meet the thrive experts that are making a global change to health by transforming the businesses of Health & Wellness professionals.
Katie Bell

After establishing her first Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Katie Bell went onto grow her clinic to a multi 6 figure practice and has helped over 500 people a week to move better, feel better and live better.

Katie continues to practice as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor with her team of experts, but dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to help other health professionals and practice owners to realise their goals and aspirations. By transforming the way they run their business, Katie establishes a marketing machine tailored to her clients’ needs, gives them a clear business strategy, focusses systems and processes into the retention and generation of clients, and prioritises business growth.

Katie’s drive stems from the desire to forge a global change to health and wellness. By providing access to world class support and guidance to health and wellness professionals, it allows gifted and talented therapists the opportunity to realise their dreams and live a life following their passion and purpose.

The team at thrive represents Katie’s commitment, passion and drive to support health and wellness professionals. Using tried, tested and proven methods to support and guide them in creating and growing their business.

We focus on providing step by step guidance, tools and strategies to accelerate their results and provide them with the confidence and self-belief in being a business owner.

Philippa Aldridge
Success & Mindset coach

My name is Philippa Aldridge and I am passionate about helping business owners to understand the power of their mindset. Business owners spend so much time worrying about the “HOW”/the strategy. You can have the best strategy in the world but if your mind isn’t in the right place you will never achieve long term success. Long term success comes from having an abundant, open growth-focused mindset. For 12 years I ran my own successful six figure fitness business teaching classes in the community. I had a team of instructors as well as a Business Manager and an Admin team. My success did not appear overnight. Six years in I was so exhausted, overwhelmed and busy that I burnt out and my mind and body started to shut down on me. I was introduced to mindset coaching and shown there is another a way to run a business. Mindset coaching helped me to have more balance, more time and more space in my life and business. My turnover tripled within six months of starting to work on my mindset. I don’t want another business owner to go through the pain that I went through and that is why I do what I do. I started Hold My Hand Coaching in 2017 and haven’t looked back.

Katie and I have known each other for 5 years. We met at a sales and marketing seminar for business owners. It is great to be part of the Thrive team as it allows me to do what I love in a business that is totally aligned with my values.

Natalie Wildish
Client Care Administrator

I’ve previously worked for 17 years at an energy company with a large amount of that time being directly connected to Customer Service and Admin roles, which will tie in nicely with me supporting Thrive with administration and client care duties over the coming months. I also took a lead on the employee engagement role in the wider department, organising different events including working with local charities and supporting people through redundancy and working from home amidst covid in 2020. So when a new opportunity arose after being made redundant in March 2021 for me to retrain and head in a slightly different direction, with being passionate about supporting people and their mental health being the centre of what I want to do, I am now on a path to become a counsellor. So I’m an admin, organising and customer service support by day, student counsellor and mam to my little girl by night!

I’m also working part time for a charity in the north east as a personal development coach, supporting vulnerable people in the west end of Newcastle get back into society and work by connecting them to the right people and providing 1:1 guidance. I love how all the businesses I’m supporting are person centred and bringing out the best in people and what they need to achieve!

Dr. Carl Clarkson
Behavioural & Productivity coach

With nearly 20 years’ experience in healthcare and education, I have developed a keen interest in pragmatic and science-supported approaches that support people to see beyond their current struggles, and move towards attaining seemingly improbable goals. I draw upon my own experiences, where I have juggled leadership roles at University with a thriving, globally orientated business, and still managed to carve out protected time for my family and friends. As an active researcher, I implement evidence-based strategies to support learners and business owners to optimise their time management, leading to better results, faster. As a Thrive productivity and behaviour coach, my role is to provide support, guidance and workable solutions to your barriers of productivity, and to ensure you are implementing behavioural science when engaging with your staff and clients.

What we do
We take the guesswork out of it. The market is saturated with offers, and this is leaving people overwhelmed and confused.

We teach the key ingredients essential for success in any business.

We do this in accelerated way, most businesses who need our help, cannot wait for the results. They need to see changes straight away. In our 90-day program we work intensively with every business to ensure they see results fast.

We offer guidance, support, accountability, and strategic and mindset coaching.

This is a tried and tested proven model and is one that will allow you to regain your sense of purpose and passion for the career we love to do.

What is the Flywheel Method?
The Flywheel Method is a four-step proven method that focuses on the key ingredients any business owner must have to propel their business to success.

The four steps are Be Confident, Be Clear, Take Action, Review & Repeat.

Why we do it
Health & wellness professionals have life transforming skills, and most cannot use these to their full force, because they lack the knowledge when it comes to running a business and marketing their business. They lack the knowledge because we are NEVER taught it.

We do it because we believe every health and wellness professional everywhere should have access to world class business and personal support.