Most Health & Wellness Professional business are using social posting in some shape or form, some are reliant on word of mouth, but most business owners don’t really have a clear marketing strategy for the year ahead and most are unclear what is working in our industry right now.

So, what could you be doing to ensure you are the go-to place when people are looking for a solution to their problem?
Here are 6 ideas that we have tried and tested and used within my Physiotherapy & Wellness clinic to turn into a 7-figure clinic.

Choose one and implement as part of the marketing plan for your business if you want to boost your revenue and increase your client retention and lifetime value. Remember to TRACK what works, and then rinse and repeat!

1. Referral Scheme

Referrals and word of mouth recommendations are proven ways that many private practice owners use to market their practices. It’s good to think that your treatment and service is enough for people to give you a glowing recommendation, but sometimes we need to ASK people to help us.

Make sure your google review link is sent to all clients and ask them for a review.

Even better, find a way to get them to leave you one there and then – maybe a tablet in the clinic or studio?

Run a referral scheme with a quarterly or monthly prize draw (and make the win exciting!). Consider the power of zero. What do you have already that means you can offer it to someone as a prize and it cost the business minimal?
Consider a ‘bring a friend for free’ to your classes – this is leveraging your current network and costs nothing!

2. Membership Packages or Programs

What is the point of spending on marketing if you then can’t retain clients or the turnover is high? Focus on the client’s NEEDS and results and the money will follow. If you can solve the clients’ problems in one session or one treatment or one class you need to be charging BIG for this! If you can’t (which most of us can’t – not because we are not good at our jobs, because we know how the body works and what it needs in this day and age and lifestyle people are living, then consider what you client needs to get the results they are looking for.

Consider altering your treatment options to include membership packages or a wellness program for all year-round wellness. Or a longer-term commitment to classes as you know that consistency is key in doing Pilates.

If you don’t think you can solve someone’s problem and provide the solution on one session – don’t offer it!

This can multiply their lifetime value and revenue, BUT most importantly create exceptional results and leave you as the go to expert!

Anna who runs a women’s health Physiotherapy clinic in Bristol introduced a ’menopause and me package’ and sold £4000 in her first month of introducing them!

3. Free Workshops

Run a free workshop focusing on a pain point that is popular in your area.

If your clinic is located in a city that has a large climbing community, like Sheffield (my home city) why not host a free workshop for climbers who experience shoulder pain?

First thing is you MUST deliver value, always lead with this. But, make sure you also tell them about your treatment options and how you can help them.

At the very least, a free workshop will give you a good list of leads you can target with follow-up communication about what you and your clinic/studio has to offer.

4. Personal invitations to local residents

One of the major reasons that people aren’t coming to your clinic or studio or classes is because they don’t even know you exist!

How do you solve this?

Send them something to introduce yourself and let them know that your clinic is in the neighbourhood.

The best way to do this is by mailing a personal invitation to local residents, let them know who you are and what your clinic has to offer and perhaps add some sort of introductory offer or discovery visit, complimentary class if they reference the post card when they sign up for an appointment.

Consider the average lifetime value of a client and work out HOW many people you need to book in to return your investment! Based on average clients’ values of usually around £500.00 for Pilate’s instructors per year, you will only need ONE person to join your program to cover you marketing cost!

5. Online Workshops

Free workshops don’t need to just be in person – test out how well virtual workshops could help boost traffic to your clinic.

Try hosting a free online workshop about a topic of interest that you know your perfect clients are asking for.

Having a lot of people asking about back and neck pain from sitting at their computer desk all day while working from home? Host a free webinar titled “10 Exercises to Eliminate Work-From-Home Back and Neck Pain.”

Your potential clients will thank you and you can upsell them your program of care.

Don’t underestimate the power of an online workshop to bring in new leads.

6. Create a Christmas Gift Campaign

We have a launched a ‘Give the Gift of Wellness’ this Christmas campaign. With a landing page, wellness packages and gifts people can purchase for their loved one, family member, friend etc. REMEMBER – the likelihood you will be closed for some days this Christmas (and so you should be!) but this means are income/cash sales will be lower – this should be forecasted as Christmas happens every year, but running a gift campaign can push that cash injection up!

Try implementing some of these easy, ready to use marketing strategies to take your business to the next level. If you need more help on the implementation of these strategies, then reach out and book a discovery call with our coaches and they can guide you in the best way.

And lastly – don’t forget to TRACK every lead!

Katie Bell
CEO & Founder of Thrive Health & Wellness Business Coaching
Strategic Coach