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Discover how health professionals are using the Flywheel Method to get more clients, make more money, go back to loving what they do, and feel like a success at being a business owner and a health professional.
Here is what my clients are saying…
Liona, Physiotherapist

I now feel worth it! Increased her prices, packaged her services up, increased confidence. Partner has even seen the difference! She now has marketing and business strategy!

Leanne, Pilates Instructor

Regained perspective, moved her business online, decided to quit her ‘proper job’! The best thing I have ever done!

Becky, Running Coach

Revived her passion, more courageous, increase her prices, streamlined her business, been approached by the BBC for her program! She feels lighter!

Dan, Physiotherapist

Doubled his revenue, got more time back, built a team! The clinic is BUSY!

Kathy & Mary

Having no time, knowing nothing about numbers, being on a patient treadmill and close to burnout! They now love to know their numbers, they have a clear vision, they have more time than ever before, and are now super productive. The best investment they have EVER made!

Sian, Children’s Specialist Physio

A children’s specialist Physio who was stuck on the hamster wheel! Taken on a clinic space and wasn’t using it, as she was too busy to work from the clinic, no time to think about the business, working late, weekends, and constantly chasing her tail. Didn’t know ‘how’ to change things, so just kept doing the same thing! Sian has now created a business not a job, has been able to step away and no it still runs, has recruited successfully & is excited for huge growth.


From face to face Pilate business to an online business. Sara had moved online and nothing new was happening. She was getting no new clients, and didn’t know where to start. By following the clear steps Sara is now feeling empowered, confident, she has leads coming in all the time, new clients and she is LOVING the journey.

Chloe Hart

Covid 19 meant all her team left, she couldn’t see clients and was making no money. Fast forward 6 months.. Chloe as increased her pricing, introduced packages rather than adhoc payments, she has systems, processes and knows exactly how to get more clients!

Sally Massage Therapist

A newly qualified therapist with great skills but no real idea how to run the business. Sally now has a business full of clients, has implemented new ways of working which means she has a predictable sustainable business and income!


From hobby, PAYG model and less than 10 clients to quadrupling her income, having systems, processes, marketing funnels, a membership program and being inundated with enquiries.

Here are some questions we often get asked…
How quickly will I make my money back?
It is entirely up to you how quickly you do the work. We work with you to offer packages of treatment rather than relying on pay as you go. Delivering outcomes rather than single sessions. We start making changes to your business model and strategy from week 1. It’s about getting you off the roller coaster income stream and creating sustainability and consistency.

Some clients start seeing changes to their revenue within one week! Spending time on your business will naturally create opportunity and one of the first things we cover is your mindset. What is your money thermostat set at?

We will work alongside you as fast or as slow as you want to go but remember this is building you a freedom-based business that could make you a minimum of £3k or more every month for LIFE. The best things do tend to be worth waiting for.

How many hours will it take to build my marketing machine?
That really depends on you and where you are starting from but if you are going from scratch somewhere between 50-100 hours. “I don’t have that much time!” do I hear you say?

We remove the time you are spending (usually hours!) on things that are not working and focus on productivity. Meaning you can spend time on the stuff that works, and not on the things that are unfulfilling, boring and a complete waste of time and money.

We focus on getting you working with clients you love who are happy to pay you what you are worth, whilst an automated marketing machine chugs away in the background and keeps generating you leads who are ready to have their problems solved.

If the answer is still “I don’t have that much time!” then respectfully we suggest you do not book a call to speak with us. Building a marketing machine, and the principles of marketing, is a process, but getting the key ingredients in place to ensure your marketing is impactful is the foundation to your success!

How much one2one attention will I get on your programme?
Quite simply, you will get as much attention as you need, whether it’s through the small group Q and A’s that happen weekly (where we answer ALL your questions individually – there’s not a set quota for each person or time limit), or through the personal checking we do of every single piece of work that you send to us.

You will follow the step by step instructions we give you via the video trainings, and then we coach you individually through email, video or whatever is necessary to get you the clarity and breakthrough you need to achieve your goals for business.

You will probably need a lot less attention than you think, as the way the coaching programme is designed means the process is easy to follow, step by step. But when you do need us, and when we require you to send in your work, it’ll be all eyes on you – you’ll have our undivided attention.

How do I know I can trust you and this isn’t a scam?

We do understand where this comes from, and we do “get” why you ask. There is a lot of not-so-great coaches out there, and you should do your due diligence before committing time, energy, effort, and money to anything (especially something online).

Some good suggestions from us:

Watch the testimonials from our current and past clients. They have shared their experience of the Thrive coaching programme with you.

Have a conversation with us. If you have not already booked for a strategy call, do so by clicking here:

We are not a faceless automated company. We are real people, that like to talk to and help other real people.

You will not find Thrive all over social media, but we have two URL’s that you can search for: which provides you with lots of information about the Thrive coaching program and the team. If you find this is password protected and our members area. If you would like to see a walk around of the members area, please get in touch with us at

Katie Bell is an established business owner of “Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness“. Katie trained as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor, and still works clinically (although now a lot less), she has a large team that work within her company and the system Katie teaches is exactly what she uses, and has used, to grow her business to a multi six figure business within 5 years.

Access Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness social channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

What are the ongoing costs?
Every market will differ and of course it will depend on the kind of income level you are trying to achieve. However, as a rough guide plan for £50-100 a month in ad spend if we choose this method of marketing.

We recommend investing in software to automate processes in your business, but this is optional and the software we recommend allows free trial.

All of this is simply part of normal business expenses that are required to make the income you desire whether that be 3k,5k or 10k per month.

Simply put you must spend a little money to make a lot back

How do you know it will work for me specifically?
This answer is going to be a mixture of logic and a “mindset” answer.

Firstly, the marketing and sales system we will help you implement into your business, is EXACTLY what we use ourselves.

Secondly, everyone who follows the process, enjoys the success and rewards they set out to gain.

Are the doubts you have about it working for you, even though you can see all the success stories above, coming from your own limiting beliefs because you’ve failed in the past or you’ve never had a decent income before? The fear and doubt are coming from the fact you have not managed it before now. Let me tell you this – that is NOT because there is anything wrong with you. It is because you have not used the right tried and tested system, with the right support to implement it before. Does it make sense to you to base the likelihood of your future success, on what has happened in the past?

If we have a call with you and together, we decide you are a good fit for the programme, that will be because we think you can get the results you want using our system.

We reject about 40% of the people we speak with, simply because we are not 100% sure our system is right for them (either because we’re not a good fit or we can see they’re just not in the right place mentally to make it happen).

We will only offer our coaching services to people we believe can benefit from the system, because our reputation depends on it. You do not get that by accepting everyone and anyone onto a programme. So we can assure you, that if we do accept you onto our coaching programme, you will get the world class tools, systems, coaching and one2one support that you need to achieve your goals.

What we are not in control of is if you will do the work, if you will take responsibility for what you do and what you don’t do, and how long you will keep working at this to make it work.

So ask yourself this….. are YOU the kind of person that will do the work, not give up? Are you coachable and will reach out for help when you need it?

Why can’t I find Thrive easily on social media?
Because we have set up a very clever marketing system so that WE can find YOU instead. And we walk our talk.

We do not promote posting our every movement on 17 billion different social media platforms and sharing free content videos, until we feel like our brains are going to explode.

You can see we do not post on our Facebook business page or Instagram page: instead, we spend our time helping our clients get the results they are looking for.

This is an online coaching model, and what we will be advising and guiding you on is a different system. But what we will definitely be advising is that you don’t have to post daily on social media to grow your business.

How many people have been through the coaching programme?
We keep the coaching programme exclusive. This is for several reasons: firstly, we want to ensure we have the time and space to offer the support our clients need. Secondly, we have a reputation to uphold and like we teach you to do, you can choose who your clients are too!

We limit the numbers each month to allow for both of the above things to happen.

Thrive originated in a 1:1 format and Katie saw a need for a more structured approach to coaching and business mentoring.

The Flywheel method was established in 2019 and has seen great successes for our clients who have passed through the 12 modules of teaching. And for some, they have gone on to the next level of coaching as they continue to grow their businesses and re-set their goals.

The Thrive coaching model has access to experts in their fields with superior knowledge of the Health & Wellness industry.

Meet Katie Bell
After establishing her first Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Katie Bell went onto grow her clinic to a multi 6 figure practice and has helped over 500 people a week to move better, feel better and live better.

Katie continues to practice as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor with her team of experts, but dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to help other health professionals and practice owners to realise their goals and aspirations. By transforming the way they run their business, Katie establishes a marketing machine tailored to her clients’ needs, gives them a clear business strategy, focusses systems and processes into the retention and generation of clients, and prioritises business growth.

Katie’s drive stems from the desire to forge a global change to health and wellness. By providing access to world class support and guidance to health and wellness professionals, it allows gifted and talented therapists the opportunity to realise their dreams and live a life following their passion and purpose.

The team at thrive represents Katie’s commitment, passion and drive to support health and wellness professionals. Using tried, tested and proven methods to support and guide them in creating and growing their business.

We focus on providing step by step guidance, tools and strategies to accelerate their results and provide them with the confidence and self-belief in being a business owner.